Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom

The movie, ‘Mandela: A long Walk to Freedom’ has generated excitement over the past few weeks with dazzling premiere events in major cities around the world. The movie hit South African movie cinemas on the 28th November 2013, and international cinemas on the 5th December 2013. The movie is based on the book, A Long Walk To Freedom,  and tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s journey through from childhood to becoming the president of South Africa.

Selo Hatang of the Nelson Mandela Foundation was there to say a few words about the movie. Jack Swart, who was Nelson Mandela’s guard while he was under house arrest, was also present, as well as acclaimed satirist Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro).

Charmaine Taylor, creator of the Legacy Collection, ( was lucky enough to attend the premier of Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom on the 19th November.

Charmaine had the following to say about the movie, “I found the movie to be incredibly well done even though a lot of the journey was not captured due to time constraints. The movie is already  over two hours long. “

When asked about the lead actor, Idris Alba’s portrayal of Nelson Mandela, Charmaine had the following to say:

“Before the movie I thought Idris Alba to be very brave taking on the task to play our iconic Nelson Mandela as he did not look like him and must have felt the pressure of the world and South Africans. But you can really see the heart and soul of Nelson Mandela though his portrayal. His mannerisms and accent I found to be brilliant.

When Charmaine was asked about the role that Naomie Harris played as Winnie Mandela, she had the following to say:

“Naomie Harris was brilliant as Winnie Mandela and truly captured what she went through in her relationship and the torture she experienced while Mandela was in prison.”

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom reveals the hardships and challenges that Nelson Mandela and other anti-Apartheid activists faced prior to 1994 and throughout the Apartheid era.  When Charmaine was asked if she would personally recommend it for others to watch, she enthused:

“I really urge all South Africans to go and watch this movie, as it was very surreal for me. If you are of a certain age, you can remember these events that took place, and where you were on the day of Nelson Mandela’s release. And remember all the world-wide sanctions and massive freedom concerts worldwide to free Nelson Mandela. “

When Charmaine was asked whether there were any particular scenes within the movie that really stood out to her, she said,“There is a beautiful scene of Mandela speaking through the Robben Island fence to a younger man and he held up a clenched fist and said “together we are stronger”. This gave me goose bumps and struck me to the heart as Mandela spoke through the Robben Island fence to the younger generation with such strength and grace.”

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom also portrays the significance of Robben Island within Mandela’s life, which is aligned with what RIACT stands for and promotes. A piece of Robben Island and a symbol of the difference that one man’s actions can make in the world.

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