RIACT Products

An investment in authentic Robben Island artifacts makes sense. Firstly, there is only a limited amount of the original prison fencing available, so there is a limit on how many pieces can be produced. Each piece is security-tagged and entered into a database, so the provenance is defined. Each item is then shipped with a certificate of authenticity. As a collector’s item, Robben Island art is a solid investment.

Secondly, by purchasing Robben Island art, you are helping to reduce poverty in South Africa by creating sustainable employment.

And thirdly, the artefacts are all of very high quality. Not only will they look attractive wherever you choose to display them, but they will be a talking point for all who see them.

A selection of these high quality artefacts is available at upmarket galleries and retailers, as well as via selected distributors. For a list of outlets or  if you are interested in stocking these items yourself, please use the contact us button below.

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The ranges are displayed below. Click each to view more detail on that particular range.