Social Responsibility

One of the primary goals of RIACT is to ensure that the original fence from Robben Island fence comes full circle from holding people captive, to releasing people from the prison of poverty. One of the ways in which RIACT achieves this goal is to donate a portion of its profits to a carefully selected organisation involved in the upliftment of the underprivileged.

After much research into the many organisations doing good work around the country, RIACT selected the Community Outreach Programme (COP) Trust as a partner. The COP Trust is a registered trust, Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Non Profit Organisation (NPO). It is managed by a diverse board of trustees and 100% of donations received are dedicated to the communities they serve. Administration costs are covered by volunteers and church contributions.

COP Trust is involved in various programmes, from early childhood development through to providing safehouses for youth which no longer qualify for foster care from the state. Projects and programmes are created to be sustained over extended periods of time in order to ensure maximum impact. To learn more about the work of the COP Trust, please refer to the website.

Thank you for supporting RIACT and allowing us to contribute to the valuable work being done in our communities. Together we can change South Africa for the better.


Children are delighted to receive bicycles at Yolande’s Home of Safety.
Some of the children playing board games.

You can follow the work of the COP Trust via the Facebook page.